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I’m about all things purpose and I want you to find yours. Painful past? You still have a purpose. Warring with your personality? You still have a purpose. Facing some giant obstacles between you and your dream? You still have purpose. Kill those giants, settle old scores, and recover your past. Your future is waiting.

Consequences in an Age of Grace

With what measure?

I read the account of the rape of a princess and I waited for the King, her father, to bring justice. (You can read 2 Samuel 13 too.) Instead, the King let the rapist (one of his other children) go and left his daughter to live in shame, hidden in her other brother’s household. Since justice was never carried out […]

Open Letter to Ms. Conway (Trump Campaign Manager)


I normally do not write about politics. I normally do not share my thoughts one way or another about candidates, but the tension I carry as a result of the abominable choices before us and my anger at the contents of my inbox today changed that.

Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter (or How God Grooms Leaders)

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I recently read through Acts and one of the things I find most fascinating is a theme throughout the New Testament — inclusion. Starting with women in the upper room to the story of Cornelious, (Peter’s vision) through the whole discussion of circumcision versus uncircumcision, there is a theme of old versus new. The foundation of the church was Jesus, but […]

What is the Church Missing in this Political Season?


I used to love politics: mostly because I loved to argue and what better topic is there than politics to start a verbal debate with someone? Verbal sparring used to be my favorite pastime. I felt intellectually superior to others and therefore my opinion mattered more. I was right, they were wrong. My side was just, their’s was just evil. […]