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You lie in bed and wonder why you were born. You go to work and think, “Is this all there is?” When life gets messy — and it gets messy more than you would like — it feels like nothing will ever work out for you. What if you could change all of that? What if you could find purpose right where you are and begin to dream again? What if you could face those giant challenges that make messes of your life and slay them like David slayed Goliath? Chosen for Purpose will help you discover you are meant for more and life is not just something that happens to you, but something you can live out loud.

Stop Murdering Your Art

Take that comparison!

My friend Bekah sings, paints, crafts, quilts, makes beautiful kids and she is most probably gagging right now because I am saying anything complimentary about her. She is also super humble. Oddly enough, when I first met Bekah, we did not like each other. 

Your Grudge is No Match

True Forgiveness

I have not spoken to my parents in over a decade. What started out as hurt feelings and an argument ended up a grudge between family. Many times and in many ways I’ve attempted to reconcile, but for them the damage was done and so were they. For the longest time I counted all the ways they did me wrong. From […]

Change Your Negative Self-Talk

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Worthless. Loser. Fatty. Retard. Reject. Weirdo. What do you call yourself? How do you speak to yourself? For nearly 35 plus years I called myself one or more of the names listed above. I heard them in the halls of my school, in the rooms of my house, and in the caverns of my mind over and over.

Resisting Resistance

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I feel this tension. This push and pull against my mind and heart. This isn’t something I am unfamiliar with. This resistance slams into me with a force that sometimes steals my breath, but its intention is to steal my dreams.