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Discover Your Purpose Today!

There is someone you know right now who is struggling with this question — “Why am I here?” They may be new graduate, a stay-at-home-mom who feels displaced, or a forty-something who wonders if dreams will ever come true. It may even be you. No matter who you know, there is a REAL answer to that question. You are chosen by a loving, insightful, and creative God for a purpose. You can know what that purpose is. Chosen for Purpose: Overcoming Giants and Living Your Dreams is a book full of real-life stories, Biblical inspiration, and practical application. I wrote it for people who, like I did, struggle with feeling like life is passing them by and their dreams will never come true. I wrote this for you. Get your copy today and if you buy the paperback from Amazon, you can get the Kindle version for free. That is 2 books for the price of one. Read the Kindle version and give the paperback away to a loved one. Whatever you do, know this: you are you for a reason. You are chosen for purpose.

A Christian Sense of Humor

Sabrena 2

This is a guest post by Sabrena Klausman. She is a pastor’s wife, a mother, a writer, and all-around funny and creative lady. It is my privilege to have her write for you today and to share her upcoming book. Make sure you leave a comment for her and make her feel welcomed and loved. [...]

Fear, Faith and Family in Philly

Fear Faith and Family

I am tired of my family getting pushed around by depression. I am ticked off that another one of my kids is falling victim to fear and anxiety. I hate that while I was in Philly with my youngest daughter,  my oldest daughter was in a fight for her life. That’s right, my other daughter, [...]

Philadelphia Freedom: A Mission of Hope

Philadelphia Freedom

As you read this Connie-Lyn and I are on a plane taking off for Philly.  As a leader for Adventures in Missions, I am excited to venture into a new city and lead people to see the world around them in a new light. I love challenging people to dig deeper into faith and to reach [...]

Missions Trip Reveals Flaws in Missionary’s Heart

Photos taken by participants. (Thanks guys!)

Journeys often reveal more about us than we think. For me, this trip to Haiti was no exception. First of all, it was hot. The first night I laid on the cool tile floor in a puddle of my own sweat and I cried out to Jesus. “Lord, if Haiti is this hot, I don’t [...]