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You lie in bed and wonder why you were born. You go to work and think, “Is this all there is?” When life gets messy — and it gets messy more than you would like — it feels like nothing will ever work out for you. What if you could change all of that? What if you could find purpose right where you are and begin to dream again? What if you could face those giant challenges that make messes of your life and slay them like David slayed Goliath? Chosen for Purpose will help you discover you are meant for more and life is not just something that happens to you, but something you can live out loud.

Greek Tragedy Takes on New Meaning for Some Refugees

Teammate's Facebook Update

The water is freezing but they still come. The snow held back people for a couple of days, but yesterday the weather seemed to clear and my teammates at the camp saw over 500 refugees come through the stage two camp. Many had no shoes. Some did not even have socks. Soaked and wet from either the frigid waters or […]

Moments, Miracles and Mucus

Photo credit: Dayna Bickham 2016

Every day I experience moments of awe. The vast beauty that sweeps the skies, the wonder of the history etched in the stones beneath my feet, and even the way a plate of food is served so simply and beautifully constantly makes me wonder. I am in Greece, y’all! But this is no vacation. There is real work to do […]

A Watchman on the Gate


The battered gray sky whips by with ominous beauty. The choppy waters below darken with the setting of the sun. My avid hope is no one comes walking up the road from the shore tonight. I hope no one braves the winds and rough waters. I stand guard at the gate wrapped in multiple layers of clothing. Warmth is a […]

What Does “Doing Your Part” Look Like?

What are you overflowing with?

As this year ends, I’ve found myself exploding with joy and love.   My heart has been so full of love that I don’t know how to describe it or contain it.